The Professional Journalists’ Association promotes ethical, balanced and responsible reporting and analysis in South Africa in support of diversity and democracy, defends the rights of working journalists in their professional work and in their reflection of the voices of the public whom they serve, and argues for sound governmental and corporate policy relating to the gathering and dissemination of information. 

This Constitution was drafted by Michael Schmidt, the training director of frayintermedia, after discussions in 2004-2007 with former South African Union of Journalists shop-stewards.

In 2008, he presented the concept to Mzi Memeza, general secretary, Southern African Journalists’ Association on 5 February 2008, to the Council of the South African National Editors’ Forum, which applauded the initiative, to Jane Duncan of the Freedom of Expression Institute, and to the Print Media SA board.

The draft was widely distributed to journalists, media trainers, media unionists, media academics, media monitors, and other bodies interested in a dynamic, independent and professional media for comment and input. 

At the ProJourn launch event on 13 March 2010, the Steering Committee discussed the draft, requested changes and approved the current version.

Contact: Michael Schmidt 011-341-0767 or mschmidt (at) frayintermedia (dot) com